“Confessions of a Naked, Vulnerable Woman is very moving. Filled with joy, heartache and love. This book will be an inspiration to all who read it. Faye has shown us what life is all about.”

Pamela Newman,

"Faye has penned to paper what many refuse to admit about coping with reality when life suddenly turns on a dime. How she finds joy in the midst of sorrow will surely tug at your heartstrings. A must read, in Confessions of a Naked, Vulnerable Woman Faye looked in a mirror and wrote everything she could not forget.”

Barry Umansky,

A passionate speaker with a heart on fire, Faye is a must have for your next event. God has given her an amazing story to share – full of wisdom, wit and insight that will fill your heart with hope and promise.

Chrissie Blow, Light the Way Christian Counseling

I have been working with Faye in a professional capacity for 8 years. A dynamic, influential speaker, Faye speaks straight to the heart offering a profound message of hope and healing to overcome life’s most difficult challenges.

Frank Turner, Pastor, DCC, His Way Christian Fellowship