Fire Erupts Once Again

Although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it.  ~ Helen Keller

Once again here I am sharing another one of my favorite quotes from Helen. Her passion and insight into a world around her that she only viewed through the eyes of her heart are an inspiration to me. Simple. Profound.  She didn’t mince words or mess around.  She was too engaged in living life, exploring, learning, and challenging herself on every level to get too frilly about the situation.

Suffering is part of living in a fallen world and there is just no way around it.  As much pain as there is in suffering there is just as much joy in the overcoming.  Every time I walk through the emotional fires of loss, grief or disappointment and come out on the other side whether a bit scathed or deeply wounded the joy that comes afterward and sometimes even in the midst of is a powerful thing. It stays with me, fueling me forward as a constant reminder of hope, healing and restoration.

Suffering. Overcoming.  Life is a wildly dangerous mix of both; after the fire dies to embers a sweet explosion of joy captures my heart and fire erupts once again.

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