Speaking From the Heart

If you are looking for a speaker at your next function, keep Faye in mind. Here's what Caroline Martling, Senior Writer with Campus Crusade For Life had to say about Faye... “Speaking authentically from her own life experiences, Faye is able to identify with women from all walks of life. Her message is one of overcoming fear, triumphing through adversity, and finding hope on the other side. She will make you laugh, then moments later move you to tears as she shares the lessons that God has taught her along the way. Her story is inspiring and her delivery is captivating. When people say ‘the best things come in small packages’ they must be talking about Faye.”



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Available for Speaking Engagements:

  • Women’s groups
  • Grief support groups
  • Recovery groups specializing in codependency
  • Divorce recovery
  • Groups supporting families dealing with disabilities
  • Book readings/ discussion groups
  • Prayer breakfast
  • Community service organizations.

Fun Confessions from this Naked, Vulnerable Woman:

  • My favorite meat is bacon.
  • I have a muffin top. I camouflage it with a great outfit.
  • I always go over my budget on clothes.
  • My gal-pals keep me sane.
  • I love with my whole heart.
  • I’ve lived through a divorce.
  • I lament daily over my baby fine hair.
  • Myself and another friend are self proclaimed “hair hoes” hopping from one hairdresser to another.
  • I have a wig collection. This white woman has some hair fantasies.
  • I’ve spent many years doubting myself.
  • I’ve spent a lot of time overcoming fears.
  • I have a passion for decorating
  • I am a very creative cook
  • I’ve wondered what life would have been like if I hadn’t been born with a disability.
  • Madea rocks!
  • I miss both my of parents everyday. They live in heaven now.
  • At the end of the day, I really try not to take myself too seriously.